Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School
After School Clubs

Hurley Middle School has a number of after school clubs that run over the course of the year.  Students are encouraged to participate in these clubs, as they are a great way to enhance their middle school experience!   

Please refer to the spreadsheet below for information about the various clubs that are offered. Additional clubs will be added to this spreadsheet as they are formed! 

Please note that, due to the requirements of certain after school teams (i.e. sports, math team, debate team, drama, etc.), these activities are not included in this spreadsheet.  If your student is a member of these teams, please contact the coach or advisor of those activities with questions.

Finally, for all after school activities, school work comes first, so students may not participate if they have a mandated after school help session, or other reasons relating to their classwork or behavior that would exclude them from participation.

Click below to view spreadsheet of after school clubs:

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