Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School
MLA Format
MLA 8 Citation

What is Citation?
When we conduct research, it is important that we record the resources (books, websites, images, etc.) that we used in order to give credit to the person(s) responsible for creating those resources and avoid plagiarizing  
Citation is a formal way to list these resources. Rather than simply listing the author and title of a resource, we use a format called Modern Language Association (MLA), version 8, which requires additional information, such as the publisher, year published, etc. 

To create these citations, HMS students use a product called NoodleTools. NoodleTools simplifies citation by presenting the student with a fill-in-the blank form for each resource to be cited. All HMS students can create a free account by using their HMS GSuite login. To access NoodleTools, click on the "waffle" from gmail or Drive, and scroll down to the NoodleTools logo. 

Please click here for NoodleTools how-to videos

Why Cite?

Check out this video that explains why we need to cite our sources and then check out the tools below to create your own.

Another helpful video:

Helpful Links
  The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Perdue University is an incredible resource that will help you format your research paper, as well as your Works Cited page.
Grammar Handbook 
This site is sponsored by the Unversity of Illinois and is a great resource for definitions and examples of basic grammatical rules.  Use this site to ace that research paper!