Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School
Website Evaluation
Evaluating Websites

As this video from Bing illustrates, the Internet bombards us with so much information.  How can we tell if it is accurate & trustworthy?

We need to use our critical thinking skills when reading information on the Internet.  
Quotes from the Internet image
Do you really think Abe Lincoln said this?  (Think about when Abe lived and when the Internet was created!)

When conducting research, it is important that you choose VALID websites.  You don't want to base your research on websites that contain incorrect information!  It would be embarrassing and your grade would suffer! Take the time up front to ensure that the information you are using is accurate. Also, be sure to read Mrs. St. Michel's note about wikis.
Kathy Schrock's Web Evaluation Page
Kathy Schrock's Web Evaluation Page

 Infotopia is a search engine that only searches librarian and teacher approved web resources, so you can be assured of the accuracy of your results!
 Kids click KidsClick is a search engine created by librarians. Enter your search terms and choose a site from the results. Many results list a grade level that will help you decide if the site is right for you!