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Cool Tech Tools
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Tech Definitions
Web 2.0 
Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of the Web. The first generation of the internet was simply for information retrieval.  Now, we can create our own websites, self-publish, create and upload audio and video files, share photos and information and complete a variety of other tasks.

The "Cloud"
You may have heard a lot about "the cloud" and wondering what it is all about.  Put simply, cloud computing refers to software applications and files that are accessed through the Internet.  Rather than having a program installed on your computer, you log in to it via the Internet.  It allows access from a variety of computers and locations. We use cloud computing when we log into Google Apps or any web-based email program!

Check out the tech tools can you use one (or more!) of these tools for your next project?

Online Document Creation and Collaboration
Google Apps
All HMS students have been assigned a Google Apps account!  Google Apps is an online tool that students can use to create word processing, spreadsheet and presentation files. Students can share their Google Documents with other students or staff members within Seekonk Public Schools as a great way to collaborate.
Click here for Mrs. St. Michel's Google Apps page 

Photo Editing Websites
Mixbook is a site where students can collaborate on digital scrapbooks.  Students can upload photos and add descriptions.  By inviting others to join a mixbook, students can collaborate with the tool.

Use the tools on this site to edit your photos, add captions, create puzzles, magazine covers and more! Teachers should sign up for an educational account which removes advertising.
Animoto is an easy way to bring your still photos to life.  This site is very easy to use and creates slideshows with awesome music and effects.  Educator accounts are available.
Be funky
Create comic book versions of your photos.
Online photo editing site.
Modify your photos to include sound and movement!

Photo Sharing/Discussion Forum
VoiceThread for Education
VoiceThread allows for a group of users to comment on uploaded images.                                                                           

Xtranormal is a website that you can use to create short animated movies with a pre- defined set of avatars.                                     
Go!Animate is a website that can be used to create short animations with cartoon characters.                                  

Online Feedback
Wallwisher is a new way to get immediate feedback from your students!  Pose a question, give students the link to create online "Post-Its" of their short response.                                                

Training Tools     
Want to create an online training video or tutorial?  Jing is the tool for you!                                         

...and more! is a free web-based timeline tool. Dipity is an easy way to make and share interactive timelines.  Use this site to upload file and have them converted to another format!  Great for word processing files and more!  One of my favorite sites!  Create online interactive posters with awesome graphics! 
Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag webpages for access anywhere.

Prezi Create presentations online. Allows users brainstorm ideas and then connect those thoughts with a motion path. 

Boredom Busters!!