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Research Databases
Library Databases
Online databases are THE BEST tools to use when conducting research because they contain highly accurate information that has been extracted from specialty encyclopedias and academic journals. These databases are available only through libraries that subscribe to them.  They are not accessed through what's known as the free or open web (websites that one can access through a Google search).  Use the subject headings below to find a database that will help you in your research!

Why use databases?  Watch this video from to learn more! 


f you are attempting to access these databases from a computer in MA, you will be automatically logged in in via "geo-location" - no password needed!  If this fails, or if you are a HMS student or staff member who is trying to access these resources from out of state, please click here to access a Google Doc containing access information. (You must log into your Google Doc account to view this confidential password information.)

Online databases are available in their entirety on this page