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All HMS students have been given a Google Apps/Google Docs user account for Seekonk Public School's Enterprise Google Apps system.  This is a closed network that only Seekonk Public Schools students and staff members can access.   Once logged in, students can create school-related Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation files.

Some of the benefits of using Google Apps are:
  • The ability to share files with other classmates and teachers.  This is great for group projects.  Also, students may submit their work by sharing a file with their teacher, rather than printing it out, which saves the environment (just be sure that your teacher is okay with submitting it this way!)
  • The ability to work on Google Doc files at home and at school. Although we have a file server at school where documents can be saved, we cannot access them outside of school. Google Docs also eliminates the need to save files to flash drives, etc., for use at home.  
Click here to access Seekonk Public Schools Google Apps login page.

As a reminder, your user name is the same as your HMS user name (last name and first initial), followed by (Reminder: some students also have a number in their username. Ex: or

Your password is your network password followed by the letters hms.  Example:  20ab34hms
Forgotten passwords can be reset only during school hours. The library will coordinate this with the tech office.  Please contact us immediately if your Google Apps account needs to be reset. 

Problems logging in?
Reminder:  When you log in using the Seekonk Public School's Google Doc login box, the system will automatically add to the end of your network user name.  If you are attempting to log on to the SPS Google Apps program from, you will need to type to the end of your user name (no spaces)!

Mrs. St. Michels Google Docs handout

Check out this video about Google Apps: